At the moment, Personalization - Yes, but Customization - No.

Customization is possible and easier to do with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals generally don't interact with each other. Users can select specific vitamins and minerals (based on what they are deficient in) and these can be combined into a single pill to be consumed together. Or you could take them separately too, and the effect wouldn't be very different. A single pill certainly would be more convenient.

Whole herbs are different. It is important for the herbs in a combination to work well together, when packed into a single pill, or in general, when consumed together. Our algorithm pulls together a wide array of scientific data and expert inputs to get the best combination in place - herbs that work well with each other and combine effectively for a specific user profile.

Can users arrive at the best combinations on their own, based on their own limited research? We believe, in most cases, this might not be true. In most cases a customized combination (where the user selects the herbs to include) may not be as effective as the personalized combination that we recommend for that user. Hence, we currently offer only personalized combinations.

Having said that, we do keep refining our algorithm on a continuous basis - so that our recommendations and our combinations keep getting better. Controlled customization is part of our research and development roadmap and hopefully we will have some customization options soon.